Ph.D. Conductor/Composer

T. Edward Vives


T. Edward Vives was born in 1964 in Auburn, Alabama. His musical journey commenced at four when he studied piano under Edgar and Dorothy Glyde. This early introduction to music sparked a lifelong passion, leading him to explore other areas like trombone performance and music composition during his years in public education.

His academic path in music was further solidified at Florida State University, where he pursued bachelor’s degrees in Composition and Music Education. There, he had the opportunity to study under renowned composers John Boda and Charles Carter. He also improved his trombone skills under the tutelage of William Cramer and John Drew. His commitment to music extended to conducting, mentored by James Croft. His academic pursuits didn’t stop there; he later attained a Master of Music in Composition and Music Theory, eventually earning a Ph.D. in Music Education from the University of Florida.

This rigorous study and practice period laid a strong foundation for his future endeavors. It was marked by his unwavering dedication to mastering various facets of music, from performance to theoretical understanding. His journey through these educational institutions wasn’t just about acquiring degrees; it was a transformative experience that shaped his musical ethos and professionalism.



T. Edward Vives

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